Discovering How Cover Crops Impact Cropland Habitat for Pests:
Voles, Slugs, and Other Pests

Pest problems like voles, slugs and army worms tend to be cyclical in nature and can have dramatic impacts when there's an outbreak. Understanding the role that cover crops and no-till can play in creating the conditions for these pest to thrive can help producers make management decisions. This webinar is first of a two-part series dealing with managing cover crops and tillage to minimize pest problems.

Managing Cover Crops and No-till to Reduce Pest Problems (part 2)
Predators & Cover Crops Fight Field Critters

In the case of slugs and voles, wild animals and cover crops are two of a farmers best allies, said James Hoorman, a regional soil health specialist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Ohio and Michigan.
armyworm on a leaf
Armyworm and Cover Crops
True armyworm (Mythimna (=Pseudaletia) unipuncta) primarily over winters in southern states as late instar caterpillars and adults. Waves of moths migrate northward in April and May.