farmer wearing green hat
Jim Hoorman History

Jim and Marlene Hoorman reside in Hancock County, Ohio south of Findlay at Jenera, Ohio on a 40-acre farm. They have a 19-year old son, Jonathan who is attending The Ohio State University as a Sophomore majoring in Ag Business and Economics with a minor in Agronomy.  Jim has been working in agriculture and farming since he was 13 years old, first picking strawberries then working for Kleman Brother’s Farm as a hired hand.  Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Hay, Tomatoes, Sugar Beets, Cucumbers and Sweet corn were major commodities along with hogs and cattle.  Jim attended Ottawa-Glandorf High School and was an honor student and active in 4-H and Boy Scouts.  Jim was also diagnosed as a diabetic and has lived with this condition for over 44 years, taking insulin shots and then being on the insulin pump for over 12 years.